Successfully Integrate Intentional Learning In Your Busy Day With Beth Boucher

Following her roles in the service industry and time spent furthering her higher education, Beth Boucher was invigorated with a thirst for implementing intentional learning in her daily life. Her curiosity for personal growth has led her to mentor at the lowest levels of the organization where she learns just as much from those she mentors as she teaches.

Our guest Beth Boucher is the SVP & Global CIO of Sirius Group, part of the NY CIO Governing Body Leadership Team, and recent Global category winner at the 2020 New York ORBIE Awards.

Beth’s experience with higher education, while working to fund her degree, taught her desire, respect and perseverance. She learned that no matter what the task at hand is that you must always strive to be excellent at it and to be constantly in a state of intentional learning.

Beth tells incredible stories revolving around her attitude and experiences related to mentorship that are absolutely captivating. Her extremely diverse background and fascinating experiences have allowed her to cultivate a lifelong learning track and reach her full potential. She truly enjoys the challenges of leading transformations which require both business and technology change management.

Throughout her career, Beth has gravitated towards opportunities focused on resolving business problems by restoring and rebuilding global teams while leveraging strategic partners and suppliers effectively. It is for these reasons that she has become an instrumental leader for digital transformations at various Fortune 500 organizations and a source of motivation for entrepreneurs and CIOs around the world.

Listen as Beth and I discuss the key points to thriving after the rewarding experience of higher education and how you can start thinking about human talent differently to help your career and company become more productive and successful in the future.


As a CIO and Business IT Leader here are some wins you will get by listening:

  • To fund my education, I built submarines, painted houses, and worked at restaurants. [1:15]
  • My 10-year journey was the best foundation for the next phase of my existence. [1:30]
  • In working through many jobs, I understood the power of higher education. [2:15]
  • Working in a restaurant taught me about differentiation of service, time management, and conflict management. [4:45]
  • We learn something every day that we can apply to our lives and professions. [6:30]
  • Intentional learning is the most critical skill to acquire and thrive, in the digital age. [7:00]
  • “When you learn a little, you feel you know a lot. But when you learn a lot, you realize you know very little.” – Dr. Daniel Amen [8:15]
  • Intellectual agility is a requirement to thrive amongst disruption in the future. [9:00]
  • We need to start thinking about human talent differently. [10:00]
  • Schools of the future are ripe for disruption. [11:15]
  • Partnerships between educational institutions and businesses must be strengthened. [11:30]
  • I really go deep into the organization and mentor at the entry level. [14:00]
  • I get a lot of value and insight out of mentoring at a deeper level in an organization. [14:45]
  • Risk is an important part of managing your career. [16:30]
  • If you’re not taking risks, you’re not reaching your full potential. [16:45]
  • Be passionate about learning new things. It could lead you to places you didn’t see coming. [20:00]
  • Don’t chase a spot on the org chart. Chase a passion. [20:15]
  • If you’re learning and you’re happy, you’re going to be productive and successful. [20:30]

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