Using the Metaverse for Business

Is your company exploring business applications of the Metaverse (Virtual and Augmented Reality)?  

In this episode Founder of Exponential Destiny, Marcus Shingles, tells us “Start to scratch the surface on Virtual and Augmented reality so you’re not caught flat-footed when the technology really becomes mainstream”.  

Tune in and learn how your company can benefit from the use of the Metaverse Augmented and Virtual Reality 

As a CIO and Business IT Leader here are some wins you will get by listening:

    • 5:15 Virtual and Augmented Reality give us the opportunity to experiment at a relatively low cost.  

    • 5:43 AR and VR technologies are advancing quickly; we need to begin exploring the technology now.  

    • 9:12 Many companies are utilizing AR and VR technology to overlay digital experiences on top of the real physical world.  

    • 10:55 You can get quick legitimate benefits from VR and AR.  

    • 15:42 There are many things you can’t do in real life that are possible in a virtual space.  

      • 37:33 Don’t limit your thinking. Don’t be afraid to fail.  

      • 40:32 Understand the effect that technology has on human behavior.  

      • 40:51 Failure can also teach. 

      • 45:31 Surround yourself with mentors.  

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