How Networking & Team Building Develops Successful IT Leaders with Robert Field

In today’s episode, I’m joined by the ultimate master of networkingand Vice President of Global Solutions at Precipart, Robert Field. 

Join us as we discuss the importance of surrounding yourself with a team that encourages professional growth. Hint: make sure people around you are smarter than you. We also explore the value of networking and how it can transform your potential within your organization.


Robert’s insight, perspective, and years of masterful networking have cultivated for him a rich a fulfilling career. Join us as we share leadership experiences and business leader tips on how to get the most out of your career path.


Do have a mentor? Do you surround yourself with a team that challenges you? Learn how to develop this level of excellence by listening in!


As a CIO and Business IT Leader here are some wins you will get by listening:  

  • 01:44 Everything grows exponentially because of the introduction of technology. 
  • 04:38 The role of the CIO is a critical one to any organization. 
  • 04:55 Do you report to the CEO? Do you report to the CFO? How does your role play into the strategy of an organization?.
  • 05:15 The role of what we do in our conversation would be directly tied to the organization and the business.  
  • 05:33 The 95% of us that don’t have technology as a product for organizations, have to provide value. And the value comes from not being commodity-driven.  
  • 06:13 That Chief Execution Officer comes with the other practices of IT — business analytics, project management, things that we take for granted as part of being IT, but really lend value to the business.  
  • 06:35 We can’t just say we deserve a role. We need to earn that role with trust. We need to say we’re going to deliver something and actually deliver it. 
  • 06:51 If we say we’re going to deliver on a project, we’ve got to deliver on a project.
  • 08:25 When you earn it, you get more than a seat, you get that voice. And that voice is the most important part.
  • 08:39 The Chief Execution Role is really leveraging those internal and external relationships that are critical to our success and the business’s success.  
  • 09:56 Follow your heart, follow your passion , and leverage.
  • 10:04 Stop looking for the role of the CIO and start looking where they let you live that passion.  
  • 10:52 Trust is there automatically because you’ve taken the time to prove it.    
  • 12:25 Relationships help you be successful.
  • 18:17 Continue to learn from people who are way smarter than you.  
  • 18:57 If we’re not learning, or at least surrounding ourselves with people who know and are learning, then, our roles will outgrow us.  
  • 22:33 Your desire to learn more and do more is what can push you and keep you from being afraid.  
  • 24:15 You’re not getting jobs by your resume; you’re getting jobs by networking with people who understand what you do. 
  • 24:21 Your passion isn’t on your resume, your passion is on what you do.  
  • 37:10 Life is about the journey, it’s not important where you’re going to go, it’s important how you get there. 
"If we're not learning, or at least surrounding ourselves with people who know and are learning, then our roles will outgrow us." - Robert Field, Vice President, Global Digital Solutions

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