Crisis & Culture | What is the Security Culture You Want to Have? with Masha Sedova

Today my guest is Masha Sedova, the co-founder of Elevate Security delivering the first people-centric security platform that leverages behavioral-science to transform employees into security superhumans.

Elevate’s unique Security Behavior Platform uses data to score employee risks, show actionable trends and practical feedback to motivate, reward and reinforce smart security behaviors of employees. This new approach to security awareness earned Elevate Security a spot on the list of 10 Finalists for the Innovation Sandbox Competition at the RSA Conference 2020.

Masha is a member of the Board of Directors for the National Cyber Security Alliance and a regular presenter at conferences such as Blackhat, RSA, ISSA, Enigma, and SANS.

As we begin our conversation, Masha emphasizes the importance, no the urgency, of looking for the silver lining’ of our disruptive event and how we can embrace the opportunities it presents to emerge with unique outcomes for positive change.

Since human error accounts for about 90% of all breaches, Masha explains how new thinking and understanding of security awareness and training can be one of your crisis opportunities’ to improve.

It’s all about the data. One of RedZone’s big ambitions is to essentially create a biological response on the networks, creating systems that are automated at scale. So, I ask Masha why she thinks we haven’t begun using data in the workplace the way we use it in other areas of our lives like fitness. You may have a fully integrated Fitbit, so why haven’t we considered implementing similar data integration and thinking into our organization’s security awareness platform?

There are some really great concepts and tools that we discuss here. This conversation will give you a chance to understand how to get out of the tactical fear part of your brain and really look into the strategy of security.

This is an episode that you do not want to miss.

Here are some of things that you will learn in this podcast episode:

  • Human error creates 90% of threat events
  • Behavioral Science behind changing behaviors You must have all three
    – Ability
    – Motivation
    – Trigger or reminder
  • Motivating factors
    – Gamification
    – Social proof
    – Celebrity social proof
  • Heroes, Champions and Risk Takers | Segmenting an Organization into a concept called cohorts’
  • Including the user as part of the team’ with ongoing communication
    – acknowledgement for A+ results
    – encouragement for improving results
    – motivation for adequate results
    – solutions and coaching for failing results
  • The Learning Pyramid Organizations should develop training with the best methods of retention.
  • Empowering people has an exponential impact within the organization

For the full transcript of this episode, click here.

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Books + References:

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do In Life and Business, by Charles Duhigg. Published by Random House Publishing Group, February 2012.

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