Achieve Excellence with Lessons from Stoicism, featuring Massimo Pigliucci

5 CIOs and 15 new Ideas, Innovative Approaches, and Problem Solving TipsIn this episode I interview 5 great CIOs. Their names are below.

If you are an IT Business Leader and want the latest information related to:  High Performance teams, Accountability, Hybrid Cloud Multipliers, IT Audit & Risk Management Tools, Forced Delegation, Toxic Employee and Team Building, Incentivizing Right Behaviors, Consensus Building, Rapid Acceptance then listen below.

Show Notes:

As you listen to this podcast you will learn 15 ideas for:

  1. Novel approaches to building high performance teams
  2. Toxic employees and team building
  3. Forced Delegation
  4. Creating safe environments
  5. Incentivizing the right behaviors
  6. Removing Single points of failure with people knowledge
  7. How to manage different personality styles
  8. Empowerment vs Owning vs Accountability
  9. Breaking Committees
  10. Removing Consensus building
  11. Hybrid Cloud as a multiplier
  12. Using a Project Job Board Intranet as a way to accelerate projects, find latent capability and capacity
  13. Selling and Marketing your vision
  14. IT Audit and Risk Management tools and approaches
  15. How to get Rapid acceptance and integration and deployment of projects into the business

MasterMind Podcast Guests:

  • Jim Goehrig, CIO, Wiley Rein 
  • Donald Wiegner, MBA, Managing Director
  • Corporate Executive Board, CEB
  • Neal Guernsey, Title: CIO, STG
  • Nick Dryfuse, CIO, Microstrategy
  • Jim Depietro, CIO, Bowman Consulting

Vendors Discussed:

I hope you enjoy the podcast.

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